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Instructions to Authors:

Utah Archaeology annually publishes research relevant to the archaeology (both prehistoric and historic) of Utah. Articles must be factual with some archaeological application. We seek submissions from authors affiliated with government agencies, cultural resource management firms, museums, academic institutions, students, and avocational archaeologists equally. Authors submitting manuscripts are requested to follow Society for American Archaeology (SAA) style (see Style Guide American Antiquity 48:429-442). The most recent version of the SAA Style Guide can be found on the SAA website.

Article categories include:

  1. Articles – Synthetic manuscripts, reports of analysis, overviews, and reviews of past research.
  2. The Avocationalist’s Corner: Topical articles written for the nonspecialist. Articles for this section are encouraged from avocational and professionals archaeologists alike.
  3. Reports, notes, and comments – Shorter manuscripts including descriptive reports on focused topics; notes or points of interest with a minimum of interpretive discussion; comments on current issues or previously published work. Comments on previously published works will be submitted to the author of that work for review and reply.
  4. Photo/illustrative essays – Photo or illustration based articles with descriptive and/or interpretive text to supplement the visual media.
  5. Book Reviews – Reviews of current publications that are broadly relevant to archaeology of Utah.


Manuscripts should be submitted in an electronic format, as Utah Archaeology cannot retype papers. Authors are strongly encouraged to send files as e-mail attachments to the editors, although manuscripts may also be submitted on a CD. Microsoft Word (.DOC or DOCX) files are strongly encouraged. All manuscripts are submitted for outside review. Authors are sent reviewers' comments and a letter from the editor as to whether the manuscript is acceptable with revision, acceptable in current form, or rejected with a recommendation for substantial revision. The editors reserve the right to evaluate manuscripts for appropriate subject matter, quality, length, and compliance with the style guide, and will likely reject submissions which do not conform to the stipulated requirements. Submissions and correspondence should be addressed to: David Yoder at davidtyoder@gmail.com


Manuscripts must be typed on 8.5 by 11 inch paper with 1 inch margins in 12 point font and double spaced. Submissions should contain appropriate headings and subheadings and have a brief abstract of 150 words or less. Manuscripts should be paginated consecutively beginning with the title page.

Tables, Figures, and Illustrations:

Authors are responsible for submitting illustrations, photos, and tables of publishable quality, as Utah Archaeology will not be responsible for making them presentable and will only make minor adjustments. Figures should be submitted electronically (one figure per file) and authors are responsible for providing a high resolution (minimum 300 dpi at printed size). Maximum size is 6.26 x 8.5 inches (or 1825 x 2550 pixels) file in either a .JPG, .TIFF, .PSD, or .PDF file format. Please DO NOT paste figures or tables into word processing document files. Tables should be submitted either as separate files (one per file) or combined into a single workbook or similar format with one table per worksheet. Table formatting should follow the SAA style guide (see above). For all photos, illustrations, and tables please include captions in a separate text file. Please name all figure and table files with their corresponding association in the text (e.g. Figure 1 or Table 1) and use matching names in the caption text file.

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