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Introducing UPAC News!

The best place on the web for Utah archaeologists to connect!

UPAC is pleased to announce that we now have a place for Utah archaeologists to connect with each other! We intend for UPAC News to be a lively and active place where anyone can create a free account and start a conversation.

What are some ways to use this incredible resource? We're glad you asked!

  • Post your local jobs! (Hey, it's free!)

  • Get feedback on research, or ask others if they have unpublished work they are willing to share.

  • Let people know about your upcoming events.

  • Share news, videos, and other posts that are relevant to Utah archaeology.

  • Keep the Consultants Meeting conversation going.

  • Update the membership on UPAC Executive Committee news and the progress of ad hoc committees.

Utah archaeologists are always up to something awesome, let's hear about it!

How do I Use UPAC News?

It's really easy to create an account and get started! Click the "Log In" button in the upper right of your screen. That will allow you to create an account. Once your account is created, you should be taken right back to this screen. Go ahead and do it now, we'll wait.

Here's your login button! You should see a circle with an image in it when you are logged in.

Once you are logged in you will be able to comment on any blog post. Be sure to click the little heart button to indicate that you like this post, it will help you follow other activities on it. Any time there is a new news item, someone comments on your post, likes your post, or follows your UPAC News profile you will get an email. This can get overwhelming for some folks, so be sure to play around with your Notification Settings in your account.

I'm Ready to Write A News Post! How Do I Do That?

Writing your own news post is a great way to make sure that your news and ideas get communicated to interested UPAC Members! There are two ways to get your post in front of people

Ask the Webmaster to post on your behalf.

UPAC will make sure that your name gets attached to the news post as well as any other contact info you may need (like your email for sending in resumes if you're posting a job). Your post will be reproduced exactly as written in your email/form submission but will show up as being posted by "The UPAC". You will be able to like, comment, and follow the post with your own account.

Enroll as a Writer for UPAC News

If you think you will have a lot to post, or if you want total control over the look of your News Post, then become a writer for us! Email the Webmaster or fill out our form to become a writer. This will create a different profile for you, separate from the one you may have already with us.

How Will UPAC News Be Moderated?

In order to keep quality high and discussions civil, the UPAC Webmaster and other members of the Executive Committee will be checking posts and comments to make sure that they don't run afoul of basic decency and courtesy. We don't have any formal rules regarding this, and we hope we never will need to. Offending posts or comments will be removed or the author will be asked to modify their language, and repeat offenders may be removed temporarily or permanently.

Certain posts may become heated, we are a passionate bunch! We want every archaeologist to be listened to and their points to be taken seriously, and UPAC is committed to allowing these discussions to flourish by making sure content is lightly moderated.

UPAC News Thrives When Everyone Is Engaged

We've all said at one point or another that we wish the conversations we have at the Winter Meeting and Consultants Meeting had ways to live on. This is our opportunity to keep those important discussions going and take the temperature of our professional community. This also is an important resource for students and others who may be starting out in archaeology to learn what opportunities are available and hear what sort of scholarship we value.

We encourage you to create a Profile right now so you can start receiving updates on new News Posts and stay up to date with your fellow Utah Archaeologists.

Happy posting!

- The UPAC Executive Committee

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