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  • Permits
    BLM Application for Permit for Archeological Investigations BLM Fieldwork Authorization Request BLM Request for Modification of Cultural Resource Use Permit Utah BLM Documentation of Experience BLM-Utah Standard Cultural Resources Use Permit Terms and Conditions 2019 BLM Guidelines for Obtaining a Cultural Resource Use Permit PLPCO Application for Principal Investigator Permit to Conduct Archaeological Survey PLPCO Application for Archaeological Excavation Permit SITLA Fieldwork Authorization Form UDOT Cultural Resoures Survey Fieldwork Authorization Request & Project Info Form
  • Guidelines, Guidances, & Codes
    Linear Site Guidelines BLM Guidelines for Identifying Cultural Resources BLM Guidelines for Protecting Cultural Resources BLM Cultural Resource Fieldwork Guidelines and Standards (H-8110-Utah) USFS Heritage Program Management Handbook USDA Forest Service Guidelines for Consultants for Identifying, Recording, & Evaluating Archaeological Resources in Utah UDOT Guidelines for identifying, recording, & evaluating archaeological &paleontological resources UDOT Guidelines for Identifying, Recording, & Evaluating Architectural Resources UDOT Guidance for Documentation of Historic Highways Utah SHPO Archaeological Compliance Guidance Utah Code 9-8-305 (Permitting, Curation, Suspension/Revocation of Permits) Utah Administrative Code, Rule R694-1 (Archaeological Permits) Utah Code 9-8-404 (particularly PLPCO's role in joint analysis) SAA Guidelines for Preparing Legacy Archaeological Collections for Curation (2019)
  • Digital Data
    2019 BLM Digital Data Standards
  • Agency Links
    USFS Recreation, Wilderness & Related Resource Mgmt (Ch 2360 Heritage Program Mgmt) Utah BLM: Archaeology Utah SHPO PLPCO Archaeology Utah SITLA Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining Utah Bureau of Reclamation
  • Repositories
    Natural History Museum of Utah USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum
  • Research Resources
    SHA Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website
  • Historical Contexts
    We're working on it.
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