2021 ​


The 2021 UPAC Meeting will be Virtual.  Please register in advance for the PLPCO Consultants Meeting on Thursday.  The events on Friday and Saturday are open to the public.  No pre-registration is required.  The Zoom links for each event are listed below.  

Instead of Meeting sponsors, this year we are hosting a Charity Drive.  For information and a link to donate please click here: 

Thursday, 18 February

9 AM- 1PM

PLPCO Consultants Meeting

Friday, 19 February

9 AM- 12PM

2 PM- 4PM


UPAC Business Meeting
Historic Archaeology Panel
Virtual Happy Hour

Saturday, 20 February

9 AM- 11PM

Symposium: University Spotlight


Keynote Speaker: Dr. William White
Questions: Contact Mike Cannon at UPACVPGovAffairs@gmail.com