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Results from the Non-sites Ad Hoc Committee

The following guidelines on post-World War II featureless artifact scatters is presented to the Executive Committee of the Utah Professional Archaeological Council (UPAC) by the UPAC Non- Sites Ad Hoc Committee, which was tasked to evaluate documentation of artifacts from the recent past and develop appropriate guidance. The Ad Hoc Committee presents the following guidelines to the UPAC Executive Committee for review. This Committee requests that the following guidelines be submitted to the general UPAC membership to vote for or against the proposed guidelines.

If the UPAC membership supports the guidelines, this Committee recommends presenting this document to Federal and State agencies in the State of Utah as a guideline for the documentation of Post-World War II Featureless Artifact Scatters.

What's Next?

Voting is  open now through July 1. UPAC members are encouraged to read the proposal and vote on whether they believe UPAC should adopt these guidelines.

You must be a member to vote. Please sign in to the website, and if you have difficulties please contact the Webmaster.

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