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Job Postings: Archaeologists (PI, PM, FD, Crew Leads, Techs) and Architectural Historian

Logan Simpson is an award-winning, multidisciplinary consulting firm that specializes in environmental consulting, cultural resource management, community planning, and landscape architecture design services. Our goal remains simple: to help guide responsible change. From the beginning, our founders were focused on protecting natural resources and advancing the wellbeing of our communities.

We are seeking candidates who will contribute to our diverse, collaborative, and innovative team; maximize the opportunity to learn new techniques and skills; and bring new tools and ideas to the table.

Logan Simpson has openings for the following positions in our Salt Lake City office or working remotely in Cedar City, Utah.

  • Architectural Historian

  • Principal Investigator

  • Project Manager

  • Field Director

  • Crew Lead

  • Temporary Field Technicians

For more information about these positions, including compensation and benefits, see Available Opportunities - Logan Simpson.

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My father is well known and wrote about Great Basin archeoligy and micro flora @ In Situ, Steven Stearns and the Bunches since the 70s...

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