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Call for Events for Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month

Nate Thomas gives a guided tour of Parowan Gap Petroglyph Site.

Every May, archaeologists from around the state host guided hiking trips, behind-the-scenes museum tours, in-person lectures, and more to get Utahns excited about archaeology! This year we are getting the planning started early!

With more people attending in-person events and because of Utah's growing population, we want to make sure that we are serving the needs of the public. Anything that you can do to help will go a long way! Here are some ideas:

Kids of all ages learned how to mix their own ochre at Craft Lake City

  • Host an archaeology book club at your local library.

  • Offer to teach a short intro to archaeology at your local school (bonus points if you can embarrass your own kid!)

  • Commit to spending a few hours at your favorite publicly accessible site giving out information.

  • Give a lecture on your research at your local museum. Even better - record it!

There are a ton more ideas archived on our events page from 2022 and 2021 - check those out if you need more inspiration!

Once you know what you want to do, the Utah SHPO (specifically Elizabeth) is ready to help. At the very least, she will make sure that your event gets added to this year's roster of events that will be advertised across the state. She also can help with planning and day-of support, too! Whether you need help finding a venue, fine-tuning your pitch, or staffing an event there are lots of resources available to you (for free).

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