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Job Opening: SHPO Archaeologist - Compliance Reviewer


$22.19 - $33.32 Hourly

Interested in a job where you get to review archaeological work from around Utah while continuing to support and improve dozens of federal and state agencies’ compliance with cultural resources law? The State Historic Preservation Office located within the Utah Department of Cultural & Community Engagement is looking to hire a Compliance Archaeologist. Job duties will include, but are not limited to, the following: Essential Duties

  • Provide written and/or oral comments on cultural resource survey reports, archaeological site forms, and other documents.

  • Provide concurrence on federal and state agencies’ determinations of eligibility and effect for archaeological resources under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and UCA 9-8-404.

  • Negotiate, review, and track new and existing Memoranda of Agreements and Programmatic Agreements.

  • Support archaeological records staff through diligent review of submitted compliance materials, provide advice relating to archaeological compliance, and other records/GIS duties as needed.

  • Conduct in-person and online trainings for agency and consultants relating to the various aspects of cultural resources compliance and assist them in their use of SHPO’s online project submission portal.

  • Regularly work within a Salesforce platform, including creating and maintaining user accounts and conducting case management.

Additional Duties

  • Assist in the preparation and review of National Register of Historic Places nominations for archaeological sites as needed.

  • Support other Division initiatives such as the SHPO’s Public Archaeology and Cultural Site Stewardship Programs through events, workshops, and fieldwork as the opportunity and interest arises.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal person for this position will possess:

  • A deep understanding of the processes set forth within Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (§36CFR800) and the state-equivalent, UCA 9-8-404.

  • A working knowledge of Utah archaeology and history, cultural resources compliance law, agency guidance, and other related regulations.

  • Experience working with spatial data, including GIS data, making and reading maps, and familiarity with ArcGIS software.

  • Experience working in Salesforce, including the Classic and Lightning platforms.

  • A willingness to work collaboratively with agency personnel to find the best and most legal path forward on proposed projects while maintaining positive and productive relationships.

  • The ability to plan, organize, and prioritize time and workload in order to accomplish tasks and meet deadlines.

  • Good verbal, writing, customer service, and communication skills.

  • A Principal Investigator Permit from the Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office within six (6) months of hire.


Preference may be given to those with a Graduate Degree in archaeology of a closely allied field.

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