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UPAC Officer Elections are Open!


Head over to the UPAC's Officer's Page to cast your ballot.

Media Coordinator Candidate

Maisie Schwartz

Maisie Schwartz has been an archaeologist in Utah since 2015 and has served as UPAC Media Coordinator since 2021. As media coordinator, Maisie has substantially increased UPAC’s online social media presence, primarily by expanding UPAC’s Facebook and Instagram following. She has utilized both platforms, as well as UPAC’s website, to advertise job posts as well as local events relevant to Utah’s archaeological community. Maisie has also facilitated connections between UPAC and student groups to introduce a new generation of archaeologists into the UPAC membership body. If elected to serve as UPAC media coordinator for a second term, Maisie will continue to use social platforms to grow UPAC’s membership to ensure UPAC remains a relevant, informative professional space in which diverse voices are supported and encouraged to participate. When Maisie isn’t at work, she loves to trail run with her husband and their dogs, watch Bravo shows, and (almost) complete home renovation projects.

Secretary Candidates

Savanna Agardy

I was born and raised in Utah and have spent my entire archaeological career in this wonderful state. I have my B.S. in Anthropology with an Emphasis in Archaeological Science from the U of U and my Master’s in Cultural Heritage Management from Johns Hopkins University. I worked CRM, and as an intern/seasonal at the BLM-Utah State Office at the start of my career, but many of you know me from my work at the Utah SHPO where I coordinated archaeological compliance for the state from 2020-2023. I recently transitioned back to the BLM at the Fuels Archaeologist for the BLM-West Desert District. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband, two corgis, and three cats hanging at home, or out hiking, camping, and/or backpacking often while fitting in a visit to archaeological sites. I’ve attended nearly every UPAC since 2016, my first UPAC, where I won “Best Student Poster” for archaeological survey/research of Red Butte Canyon. My skills in organization, communication, promptness, and thoroughness, which I hope many of you have seen working with me in the past, will positively serve the UPAC Executive Committee and ensure success in the Secretary position, and UPAC as an organization overall, for the 2023-2025 term.

Erin Root

​Erin Root has been an archaeologist for 13 years and has worked primarily in the Great Basin. Erin is organized and a great communicator in her role as project manager at SWCA Environmental Consultants. Erin also serves on the board of directors for the Nine Mile Canyon Coalition and is the chair of the Stewardship Day Committee. She is passionate about engaging the public when it comes to visiting archaeological sites responsibly. As Secretary, Erin will assist in communication within the archaeological community while upholding the UPAC bylaws and code of ethics.

Vice President for Governmental Affairs and Research Candidates

Joey LaValley

Joey has practiced archaeology in the public and private sectors since 2007, including the last 11 years as a professional archaeologist. In that time he has worked in both supervisory and technician roles in archaeological survey, excavation, and office/laboratory positions for projects located throughout the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau. He currently holds a Senior Archaeologist position with the Logan Simpson Salt Lake City office, and is based out of Cedar City, Utah. Joey also participates in the Utah Cultural Site Stewardship program where he monitors the impacts to and conditions of two sites in southern Utah. He is a member of UPAC and the Nevada Archaeological Association and has presented over 20 papers and posters at professional state and national conferences as well as meetings of local archaeological and historical societies. Joey is an advocate for maintaining sustainable and reasonable means of practicing archaeology to ensure the future of the industry, while also educating the public as to how and why our past is important. He believes a large part of making this happen is the purposeful inclusion of Indigenous perspectives and the perspectives of other descendant communities who historically have been excluded from the archaeological conversation. Additionally, since much of Utah is under federal and state jurisdiction, these agencies are and have traditionally been the keepers of cultural resources. Joey has experience working with many of Utah’s local, state, and federal agencies through various cultural resource projects and as such is familiar with the applicable regulations under which agencies and their projects should abide. As Vice-President for Governmental Affairs and Research, Joey will use his experience and the collective experience of the UPAC Executive Committee to review and offer comments on reports, management decisions, and legislature pertinent to archaeological interests in Utah. He will continue to advocate for more diversity and inclusion within the field of archaeology and encourage public outreach by agencies and UPAC members. When not being an archaeologist, Joey spends most of his time on his gravel bike, trail running, and adventuring in Utah’s wonderful outdoors with his wife and their two dogs.

Peter Steele

Peter has spent fourteen years as a professional archaeologist in Utah. In that time, he has worked as both an agency archaeologist (for UDOT) and as a consultant for several firms. He’s been a member of UPAC for as long as he’s been working in Utah. In addition to his work as an archaeologist, Peter has served on community historic preservation boards and writes articles on Utah’s History at Peter is excited to help UPAC consult on significant projects and to help keep the members informed about government action that affects us. He plans to track significant bills and budgets during the legislative session each year and provide regular updates to the membership. As a member of the executive committee, Peter will also work to provide more opportunities during the winter meeting for the varied membership of UPAC to expand their opportunities and learn skills that will be useful in developing both their academic abilities and their skills.

Freeman Stevenson

After spending the first part of my professional career as a journalist and other adventures around the world, I found myself settled into CRM archaeology as an alum of Weber State University’s archaeology program. I’m currently heading into my fourth season with SWCA Environmental Consultants as a Field Manager. I’m looking to get more involved in the professional archaeological community in Utah. For that purpose, I’m running for VP of Government Affairs, where I hope to be able to put my years of life experience chatting up government employees and walking long transects in the Great Basin together to benefit this organization.

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