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Utah Archaeology Journal Goes Entirely Digital

UPAC membership voted, and it's official! Read on for more information on how you'll access the journal going forward.


  • What is the need for digital-only journal access?

    • Cost: Publishing and mailing costs are increasing but membership dues are not scheduled to increase. Publishing and mailing costs currently represent over half of what UPAC member dues are spent on. Reducing these costs allows UPAC to invest in the conference, awards, sponsorships, and other pursuits of interest to UPAC members.

    • Accessibility: Digital-only democratizes access among UPAC members who may not have current mailing addresses on file with UPAC, or who have visual impairments.

  • How will I access future issues under the digital-only model?

    • Members who are current on their dues will receive free online access through

    • Digital versions of the last 2 years of Utah Archaeology will be available as PDFs. These will be searchable and downloadable.

  • What if I discontinue my membership in UPAC? Can I access the issues I already paid for?

    • Issues older than 3 years will become available for free on Issues two years and younger will be behind the members-only paywall. If you are a current member, it is recommended that you download journals you think you may want handy.

  • What are we doing for the 2022 issue?

    • This issue was printed over the summer and is currently being mailed out to members who paid dues in 2022.

  • What issues will be available online?

    • The 2021 and 2022 issues of Utah Archaeology will be available as digital versions on

    • Once a new issue is released, it will be added to and the oldest issue behind the paywall will move to the public section of the website.

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