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Brown Bag Webinars for May 2024

Call it professional development.

May is Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month and we're bringing back SHPO's beloved Brown Bag Webinar Series. Please check out this year's line-up and register to reserve your spot in each!


Using artifacts from the LDS Polynesian Iosepa settlement in Utah, archaeologist Ally Gerlach showcases a real-life example of collaboration between archaeologists and descendant communities. (May 1 at noon).


Amber Anderson and Roger Roper examine the architecture and social history behind Salt Lake City’s urban apartments, exploring how they were born out of necessity in a rapidly expanding city and their legacy today. (May 8 at noon.)



Archaeologist and photojournalist Matt Stirn shares his remarkable journey, from researching prehistoric villages in the Rocky Mountains to traversing the globe to cover archaeology stories for prestigious magazines and newspapers.  (May 15 at noon.)


Introducing the Great Sage Plain - the most important Ancestral Puebloan environment you've never heard of (well, maybe you've heard of it, you archaeologist, you). Archaeologist Jason Chuipka will introduce us to the archaeology and culture history of this important landscape. (May 15 at 6pm.)


The Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation has lived in what is now northern Utah, eastern Idaho, and western Wyoming since time immemorial. Brad Parry, Vice-Chairman of the Band, knows these histories well and will recount some of them for us in this presentation.  (May 22 at noon.)


Join architect Jansen Bennett on a virtual tour of one of the oldest hydroelectric power plants in western North America.  From the earliest days of convincing the populace that electricity was safe in their homes to now powering the water supply for over 1 million Utahns, the Olmstead Hydroelectric Plant has served the community.  (May 29 at noon.)


And please pass this along to others in your life who may enjoy these presentations! See you in May!

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