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Idaho SHPO is hiring!

The Idaho SHPOhoused in a 150-year-old National Historic Landmark building in downtown Boise—is seeking an archaeologist and an architectural historian to round out our passionate (and fun!) preservation team. Primary responsibilities involve Section 106 consultation, however, the Idaho SHPO is a small team, allowing for a dynamic mix of duties for those interested. These positions provide regular opportunities for travel through Idaho’s spectacular scenery and the chance to go behind the scenes in some of Idaho’s most unique historic places.

With a vibrant arts and culture scene, and great restaurants, Boise is a hidden gem that frequently makes lists of top places to live in the US. Steps from your door, you’ll find an outdoor lover’s paradise. From the Great Basin in the south to the Canadian border in the north, Idaho is home to 21 million acres of forest, 3,000 miles of navigable whitewater, 100+ hot springs, 18 mountain ski areas, and when you’re done recreating, there are more than 100 breweries to enjoy.

Join us in protecting Idaho’s rich and compelling historic resources, ranging from the oldest radiocarbon-dated record of human presence in North America, to the first destination ski resort in the US at Sun Valley, to sites important for their cutting-edge technology and design. Apply today at the link below (closes April 23, 2023).


$58,988.80 Annually

Architectural Historian:

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